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Black Horizon | Philippe BUISSON paysage
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Black Horizon


Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality

Onur Sagkan, Marco Stathopoulos, Giacomo Troncon, Guillaume Dufilho, Antoine Verbeke, Buisson P



Black Horizon is on a line of confrontation in the landscape. From the North, it is literally and metaphorically confronted to the energy of the sea elements. The site bears the traces of their violence.

The waves have sculpted the cliffs, the wind has bent the trees, the soil is deformed. Sparse ruins loose on the
ground are evidence of human activity on this strategic position. The landscape in the South side is gentle. It has been shaped in a much slower geomorphology by the runoff of rainwater, as a natural corridor. The slope is more peaceful and delicate. It faces the city in a possible dialogue with human activity. This dialogue reveals transversal cleavages, and generates Black Horizon's as a tangential plane.

Black horizon touches the soil in a way that is both direct and gentle. Its design is oriented by strategic axes that take origin in the landscape and materialise on the site. The walks become straight lines connecting terraces, and accesses. The terraces are protected from the wind, and can be used to rest, to look at the panorama, but also for exhibition, testing and experimentation related to the Design Institute. The ruins are left as they are, sometimes as part of the landscape, and sometimes as terraces that host activities of experimentation and exhibition, related to the Design Institute. The entrances of the building are located along the paths creating a rhythm both in the architecture and the landscape.